Ramersdorf – Kirchseeonerstraße

We have one apartment in Ramersdorf, located very close to the East Station / Ostbahnhof.
Night aerial view of Munich from Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower). Munich, Bavaria, Germany

The location:

The apartment is located on the corner of Kirchseeoner Str. 1 and Rosenheimerstr. 202. It’s a three minute walk to the subway station Karl-Preis-Platz and the East Station / Ostbahnhof is only a five minute walk. In front of the apartment building there is also a bus stop. If you own a car, it is located only two minutes away from the motorway towards Salzburg (Austria).

iApart Ramersdorf

We have one apartment in Ramersdorf, located very close to the East Station / Ostbahnhof.

The Apartment:

The apartment is approximately 22 m² in size and has a hallway with a big closet and room for your shoes and jackets and more. To the left is the bathroom, and straight ahead is the living room with a big bed (for two), a work desk, a dining table and the kitchen area as well as some shelving, pictures and lamps.

The Bathroom:

The apartment was renovated in 2012, with a stylish and new bathroom installed at the same time.

The Kitchen:

This apartment is fully furnished and has a built-in kitchen. Everything you need to cook a nice meal or prepare some snacks is there: pans, bowls, plates and cutlery, as well as a fridge and an oven.

The Conditions:

We are a small company and like to keep things personal with our clients, therefore we do not charge commission and we make things as simple as possible. In Munich commission on a one-room apartment rented by a commercial enterprise can easily cost you around 1500€, but we want our customers to feel comfortable and satisfied in their new homes without any stress or worry. That’s why we don’t charge you any extortionate commission fees.

With iApart, you not only get a well-furnished apartment with no commission fees, you also have the freedom and flexibility that comes with our studios in Munich! We won’t ask for Schufa or Income-Papers of yours, nor will we ask you to sign a two-year-contract.

Tenants will generally sign a 6 month contract with us, and the absolute minimum term is 3 months. If you would like to extend your stay there, please contact us and we will be happy to increase the term of your contract. We are very flexible and prompt in replying when it comes to your needs.

When moving in, you will sign an official renting-contract, with all of the conditions explained to you by one of our team member. The deposit will depend on the length of your stay, but will likely be the equivalent of 1-2 months rent.

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The costs:

The monthly rent will vary a little depending on the time of the year. For more detailed information, please contact us via email. We will always ensure you are aware of the exact costs of your rental term.

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