7th District – Nefelejcs Street 2

Our newly renovated studio apartment is located in Budapest’s inner district.

The location:

Our newly renovated studio apartment is located in Budapest’s inner district.

The Apartment:

The apartment is spacious with its size of 30m2. Entering, you will find the hall, with the bathroom to the left. If you proceed forward, you find yourself in the kitchen, equipped with an oven, plenty of utilities and a dining table for 2 person. To the right, there is the fridge with built in freezer, and plenty of storage if you plan on staying long term. If you then go more forward, you will be in the bright room with two big windows. Here we placed a king-size bed to help you relax, a working desk with an office chair if you have some tasks to do, and a spacious wardrobe.

The Bathroom:

The whole apartment was renovated in the end of 2015, and we paid great attention to make the bathroom wonderful in both looks and features. The shower features a luxurious massage panel with which you can relax after a tiring day. Also there is a sink with a cabinet for your cosmetic products, and a mirror for the morning preparation.

The Kitchen:

The apartment has a new kitchen built in, so you can prepare your meals like at home. It includes a fridge with built-in freezer, an oven with cooker, a microwave oven, a washing machine, and plenty of space filled with cooking equipment.

The Conditions:

We are a small company and like to keep things personal with our clients, therefore we do not charge commission and we make things as simple as possible. In Budapest, commission on a one-room apartment rented by a commercial enterprise can easily cost you around 150,000HUF , but we want our customers to feel comfortable and satisfied in their new homes without any stress or worry. That’s why we don’t charge you any extortionate commission fees.
With iApart, you not only get a well-furnished apartment with no commission fees, you also have the freedom and flexibility that comes with our studios in Budapest! We won’t ask for Credit records or Income-Papers of yours, nor will we ask you to sign a two-year-contract.
Tenants will generally sign a 6 month contract with us, and the absolute minimum term is 3 months. If you would like to extend your stay there, please contact us and we will be happy to increase the term of your contract. We are very flexible and prompt in replying when it comes to your needs.
When moving in, you will sign an official renting-contract, with all of the conditions explained to you by one of our team member. The deposit will depend on the length of your stay, but will likely be the equivalent of 1-2 months rent.

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The costs:

For more detailed information, please contact us via email. We will always ensure you are aware of the exact costs of your rental term.

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